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Lançado NHibernate versão 3.3.0.GA

Lançada nova versão do NHibernate.

Versão final: 3.3.0

Vale a pena ao menos uma leitura dinâmica nas correções e melhorias.

Portal do NHibernate:

Código Fonte:

Build 3.3.0.GA

** Known BREAKING CHANGES from NH3.2.0.GA to NH3.3.0.GA

##### Possible Breaking Changes #####
* [NH-2214] – SQL Server 2005/2008: Exception is now thrown when paging a statement that requires distinct results, and is ordered by a column that is not included in the result set of the query
– Dialog.ExtractColumnOrAliasNames method signature and visibility changed – may affect custom dialects that use this method
* [NH-2950] – IAccessCallback.NextValue property renamed and changed to a method called IAccessCallback.GetNextValue()
* [NH-2953] – SequenceStyleGenerator now forces use of a table if a pooled optimizer is chosen and the dialect doesn’t support pooled sequences.
* [NH-2960] – Queries for an entity name will now not include instances of the same class mapped using a different entity name.
* [NH-2664] – IHqlExpressionVisitor has new property ISessionFactory SessionFactory { get; }
* [NH-3067] – The use of Substring() in Linq queries have been corrected so the zero-based index parameter in C# is converted to one-based index in SQL.
* [NH-2528] – Throw exception instead of silently truncate string and blob data
* [NH-3086] – The base dialect now defaults to ANSI syntax for substring. A custom dialect may need to adjust for this.

** Bug
* [NH-2956] – SybaseSQLAnywhere10Dialect doesn’t override OffsetStartsAtOne
* [NH-3111] – Wrong SQL generated when subquery uses objects from parent query

** Improvement
* [NH-3086] – All dialects should support substring() with two arguments

Build 3.3.0.CR1

** Bug
* [NH-1477] – Saving a collection (thats been Cleared) with all-delete-orphan using Oracle with ODP drivers
* [NH-2214] – Distinct and Row_number problem
* [NH-2347] – Casts inside aggregate functions are incorrectly applied outside of them
* [NH-2419] – Linq Provider Problem with group by with an order by clause
* [NH-2429] – SQL Server Linq Average function on Interger field only returns truncated interger value
* [NH-2439] – LINQ ‘in’ query not fully interpreted
* [NH-2451] – LINQ Issue – joining twice with same table when used in both select and where. Second join is a full select and filtered in where instead of a join .. on
* [NH-2452] – NH 3.0 Linq provider does not correctly translate standard .Key property when grouping
* [NH-2492] – Problem with ROW_NUMBER and DISTINCT operator using LINQ
* [NH-2511] – System.ArgumentException: Object of type ‘System.Linq.Expressions.ConstantExpression’ cannot be converted to type ‘System.Linq.Expressions.LambdaExpression’ when passing an expression through a method
* [NH-2527] – AbstractBatcher reuses disposed IDbCommands which causes an ArgumentOutOfRangeException with OracleDataClientDriver
* [NH-2560] – NoViableAltException with ordering by projection in GroupBy
* [NH-2664] – Linq, cannot query dynamic-component
* [NH-2706] – subselect in LINQ query with Contains clause produces wrong SQL
* [NH-2722] – Linq Count() does not respect previous calls to Select() or Distinct()
* [NH-2744] – NewArrayInit Is not Implemented
* [NH-2763] – queryover fails where referencing enum in VB.NET
* [NH-2781] – linq’s OrderBy by a calculated column doesn’t work
* [NH-2809] – Incorrect specification of VARBINARY(MAX) in MsSql2005Dialect
* [NH-2828] – Persist uploads not initialized collections on flush
* [NH-2833] – “where” clause not working after “group by”, generates wrong SQL
* [NH-2846] – Fetch on Count Throws Error
* [NH-2850] – Unable to use enums in NH 3.2 QueryOver checked comparison
* [NH-2853] – SetFirstResult and SetMaxResults do not work correctly on Oracle (ODP.NET)
* [NH-2856] – Retrieval of cached query with Fetch throws exception
* [NH-2857] – Medium Trust Bug in 3.2
* [NH-2858] – ToString() on Guid column with SQL Server Dialects
* [NH-2863] – Criteria API restriction over aggregate function wrapped in NotExpression is wrongly placed in WHERE clause instead of HAVING clause which generates invalid SQL
* [NH-2869] – Custom extension methods in the select clause are not projected using HQL
* [NH-2880] – Proxies loose their session reference on session deserialization
* [NH-2881] – Fix not found key handling on extra lazy one to many maps
* [NH-2886] – Informix support broken
* [NH-2889] – QueryOver component with multiple properties results in Sql Error
* [NH-2891] – Too many parameters removed (Pervasive SQL) – SELECT doesn’t work
* [NH-2893] – NHibernate SQL Parameter on IBM.Data.DB2.iSeries provider
* [NH-2904] – Wrong query generation with LINQ subquery
* [NH-2906] – Using the same parameter name for two differently typed where clauses throws an exception
* [NH-2913] – LINQ query that contains .Any() produces invalid SQL
* [NH-2917] – Paging error with Skip().Take().
* [NH-2925] – Improper SQL is generated for Take (pagination) for dialects which have UseMaxForLimit = true (like Oracle)
* [NH-2927] – Oracle Dialect does not handle the correct resolution for timestamp version columns
* [NH-2937] – Invalid index 0 for this DB2ParameterCollection with Count=0.
* [NH-2940] – OracleDialect creates wrong sql using SetFirstResult with criteria queries
* [NH-2946] – Superfluous join when querying by foreign key given Id with LINQ
* [NH-2954] – PostgreSQL should SupportsPooledSequences
* [NH-2959] – Polymorphic queries in MultiQuery, MultiCriteria and Futures cause ArgumentOutOfRangeException
* [NH-2960] – Query using entity name also returns entities of same type but different entity name
* [NH-2967] – MySQL Schema Update tool fails with exception
* [NH-2976] – AbstractPersistentCollection.Remove does not remove item from an uninitialized dictionary
* [NH-2989] – ComponentAsId does not set Id Property
* [NH-2998] – Allow to use AsQueryable on child collection
* [NH-3000] – QuerySyntaxException: Exception of type ‘Antlr.Runtime.NoViableAltException’ was thrown. when projection contains complex code [regression]
* [NH-3001] – NHibernate.HibernateException: Query Source could not be identified
* [NH-3002] – HQL: parser is trying to reuse parent implied join for subquery
* [NH-3003] – Linq: extra joins
* [NH-3004] – DriverBase.RemoveUnusedCommandParameters removes all parameters when UseNamedPrefixInSql = true and UseNamedPrefixInParameter = false
* [NH-3008] – Excess DB parameters created when passing SqlFunctionProjection to LHS of InExpression
* [NH-3009] – Linq trying to add parameters twice if same predicate is used in query more then once
* [NH-3016] – Mapping by code does not properly support nested types
* [NH-3019] – LINQ: Select Key from group by generates wrong SQL
* [NH-3020] – Firebird and DB2 dialect claims to support sequences, but throws in GetSelectSequenceNextValString(string) (since not overriden)
* [NH-3026] – Linq order by grouped count before select clause gives wrong sql
* [NH-3031] – Cannot Sum Property of Type Single
* [NH-3032] – Group By and Condition Throws Exception
* [NH-3036] – Wrong SqlType size set for LIKE statement
* [NH-3044] – Self-joined query with subquery and where – where applied to subquery rather than the external query
* [NH-3059] – Contains broken when used on a path (Works in previous version)
* [NH-3063] – Turkish-I problem in ValidateColumn
* [NH-3064] – Schema validation fails for ODBC
* [NH-3073] – Equal in Linq-provider is only implemented for string

** Improvement
* [NH-1007] – Add a generator attribute to id
* [NH-2528] – Throw exception instead of silently truncate string and blob data
* [NH-2825] – Add property-ref and not-found attributes in mapping by code
* [NH-2835] – SQL Anywhere dialect/driver improvements
* [NH-2870] – Simplify Development on NHibernate for Contributors
* [NH-2875] – Add Foreign Key to one-to-one mapping by code
* [NH-2883] – DisableLogFormatedSql is not useful
* [NH-2899] – Support for “in ()” in Linq
* [NH-2950] – Update optimizers for enhanced id generators (ported from Hibernate)
* [NH-2953] – Update the SequenceStyleGenerator
* [NH-2962] – Fix PostgreSQL and Firebird timestamp selection and precision
* [NH-2974] – Add unsaved-value attribute in mapping by code.
* [NH-2980] – Port enhanced TableGenerator from Hibernate
* [NH-3024] – Mapping-by-Code does not allow Unique in Component mapping
* [NH-3040] – SymbolSource support along with NuGet

** Patch
* [NH-2004] – SequenceStyleGenerator + TableStructure opens multiple transactions.
* [NH-2545] – Comparing strings in VB throws NotSupportedException
* [NH-2840] – Improper SQL is generated for Take (pagination) for dialects which have UseMaxForLimit = true (like Oracle)
* [NH-2864] – Fix for nuget package creation.
* [NH-2905] – Support for multistep joins in Linq
* [NH-2914] – Functions for DateTime properties in OracleDialect
* [NH-2924] – CLONE – Improper SQL is generated for Take (pagination) for dialects which have UseMaxForLimit = true (like Oracle)
* [NH-2936] – Better Sequence Support for Firebird
* [NH-2964] – WhereRestrictionOn().IsInG() is a icollection not ienumerable like it should be
* [NH-2982] – SimpleExpression.ToString() can result in unwanted loading of lazy objects
* [NH-3010] – Fix for batching/command behaviour in OneToManyPersister
* [NH-3067] – Linq – substring function does not work

** Task
* [NH-2672] – Upgrade Npgsql lib file to next release after
* [NH-2752] – Re-enable CriteriaQueryTest.AllowToSetLimitOnSubquries for SQLite

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